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Adult (XXX) Websites 
Get paid 20-60% of every dollar collected from people buying products, webcam minutes, or paying monthly subscriptions fees for services found at your website.  
Minimum Investment: $499.00
Casino Websites 
Get paid 30% of the casino's lifetime profits from the people that register from your website to play Poker, Blackjack, Slots and other "Real-Money" casino games. 
Minimum Investment: $499.00
Adult Prepaid Cards  
Buy Low / Sell High. Earn up to 900% profit per card sold as a wholesale distributor. Exclusive Marketing territories and custom, white-label prepaid cards are also available. 
Minimum Investment: $424.00
Mobile Marketing Business 
Learn to become a mobile advertising consultant, earning a $100k annual income selling our all-in-one text message marketing plans to local business owners. 
Minimum Investment: $499.00
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